If you enjoy the outdoors by car In Japan, summer and winter are comfortable with a special car with tarp and FF heater


If you love the outdoors, go out to your campsite with your family with your car and enjoy the nature as much as you want, and enjoy a meal that uses simple ingredients in a unique but different scenery.


However, if you go to the campsite by regular passenger car, even if you can eat, you will not be able to stay comfortably where you want.


Even if you stay in a tent, the summer is hot and insects come in.

On the contrary, it is extremely cold in winter, and it is difficult to sleep.


So, if you love the outdoors, but want to enjoy the comfortable outdoors, we will introduce a comfortable outdoor life to enjoy by car.



1: Reasons why you can not enjoy comfortably with ordinary cars


 You can camp with a regular car.

Prepare tents and tarps, and load grills and accessories into your car.


However, when you go camping with a normal car, you have trouble sleeping.


You can rent a nearby facility, but the reservations can be quite full.


So put up a tent and go outdoors.

It is said that depending on the family, “ I do not like summer because it is hot ” or “ I do not like summer because insects come in ”

 In late autumn or winter, people may want to spend a little more comfort because they are cold and unable to sleep, and often wake up in the bathroom.


In such a case, it is recommended to rent a camper and use it.



If you are a camper, you can stay in the car, and you can always enjoy the outdoors with equipment that is not included in ordinary cars.


Also, since the interior is not as narrow as a normal car, you will be able to spend a meaningful time spending time together with your family while relaxing and enjoying the flowing scenery.


Then, I will explain the convenient and comfortable equipment that is not in a normal car but in a camper.


2:  7 things you can enjoy as a camper


Campers have equipment that is more comfortable and enjoyable than ordinary cars.


With these features, the interior of the camper is comfortable, whether on hot summer days or cold winter days.


Let’s look at them in order.


2.1: FF Heater

 This is one of the typical equipment that comes with the “cabcon” among the rental campers of I-linx.


“FF heater” is simply “heating”.


Normally, the car heats up in about 10 minutes if the engine is not running.


Therefore, idling is indispensable to make the interior of a normal passenger car comfortable by heating.


But idling is

  • Eliminate unnecessary Co2
  • Harsh to the global environment
  • Noisy surroundings


There are such negative factors.


Therefore, by using the “FF heater”, heating can be operated even when the engine is turned off.


The FF heater is like a stove fueled by gasoline in a gas tank.


Fresh air is taken in from outside the vehicle, and exhaust gas is released outside the vehicle.


Even if you wear it all night, you can use it safely, so winter camps will be comfortable with this.


Comfort that cannot be experienced with ordinary passenger cars can be achieved with the “FF heater” installed in the camper van.


2.2: Side awning

In the case of camping with tents, “side awning” is an alternative to tarps used for awnings.


The side awning of the camper van is on the side of the car, so if you use it only when using it, pull it with a stick and pull out the sun shade easily.


Awning is very effective on hot summer days, and is also effective against ultraviolet rays that women are concerned about.


Because it blocks out direct sunlight, you can safely go out of your car.


Also, just putting a table or chair under the side awning will allow you to become one with nature, so you will feel more like camping.


When using side awning, please note the following points to enjoy comfortable and safe outdoors.

[aside type=”boader”]

Always fix the awning feet

If not fixed, the wind will blow and the feet may break.


[/aside][aside type=”boader”]

Be careful on rainy days

It is convenient to put out the awning on a rainy day so that you can

keep out the rain.

But if you are careless, rain will accumulate in your awning,

The weight of the rain can cause the awning to fall sharply, break the awning, or break the bone of the awning.

[/aside][aside type=”boader”]

Watch out for snow

Like rain, snow accumulates in the awning.

Snow looks like a “light” image, but when it is piled up, it becomes quite heavy and the awning may fall.



2.3: Air Conditioner

Some i-linx cabcons are equipped with a cooler (air conditioner).


Even on hot summer days, you can sleep comfortably in your car without opening the windows.


If you like camping, but insects are bad, I think that it is a very encouraging equipment.


2.4: Bed

The first thing that comes to mind when comparing with a normal car is the bed.


There is a bunk bed above the driver’s seat.

Behind it, the seat is flattened, turning it into a bed.


Depending on the motorhome, there are two-story beds that will delight your child.


A camper can sleep for 5 to 7 people, so it may be easy to use it with your family.


In addition, you need to choose a place where you can stay in a camper, but there is no hassle and restrictions like booking a hotel or guest house.


No need to look for pet-friendly accommodations, even if your pets are together.


If it is OK to stay in a camper in the wilderness, that’s where you stay today.


Even just sleeping in a space that is not an accommodation facility, you can fully enjoy extraordinary life.


2.5: Water

This is also not found in ordinary cars.


Campers can store water in tanks inside the car and use it as a tap.


wash hands.

brush teeth.


If the baby is with you, it is convenient to have a diaper changing tap.


Unlike the water supply at home, water is not always available, but the main point is that water can be used.


2.6: Table

 There is a table behind.


You can eat at this table.

It is also a good experience to decide the destination by expanding the map without using a car navigation system.


At night, clean up the table and it becomes a flat bed.


2.7: Toilet

Some campers are equipped and others are not.


If you can’t get into a traffic jam like 25km or 30km, such as a long holiday, if you run a little in Japan, there are convenience stores and roadside stations, so there is no inconvenience to the toilet.


However, if you have a small child, it is convenient to be in the car in case of sudden “Mama, toilet!”


It’s okay even when you don’t go in traffic

Even if the toilet is far away at the campsite at night, it’s okay.


It is safe to have a toilet.


3: Campers if you like the outdoors


In this way, using a camper makes outdoor activities easier and more enjoyable.


“But I can’t buy a camper.”


If you are thinking, why not rent a camper car?


If you can consult a car rental shop specializing in camper cars like Ilinx, we will propose a car that is perfect for your outdoor and family structure.


  • Mom’s trip while raising a child.
  • Creating memories with friends.
  • A journey to deepen family ties.


I think the camper is useful.


4:  Summary

It is the age of enjoying the outdoors comfortably.


For that purpose, an extraordinary space where the house has moved as it is optimal.


Rent a camper and enjoy the extraordinary space once with your family.


Surely your child’s eyes will be sparkling and family conversation will increase.