Points to observe in Japan with a RV/Motorhome rental car


 If you want to enhance your child’s imagination, why not look at the starry sky full of dreams and romance together?

I think you can see a different starry sky in Japan than in your country!


Although it is a beautiful starry sky that can hardly be seen in the Japanese city, if you go a little further, you can find a spot that is perfect for astronomical observation and starry sky photography.


Even in Kyoto, where Ilinks is located, you will be able to see unusual starry skies when heading to Kasagi-cho and Tsukigase-mura in the south, or to Wazuka-cho, where foreign tourists are increasing recently.


But here comes the problem.


Astronomical observations and starry sky photography are common but are performed at night.

Even at noon we can see the stars, but they are not visible to our eyes because of the bright sunlight.


Similarly, it is invisible through the camera lens, so astronomical observations and starry sky photography must be performed at night.


Then, how can you enjoy astronomical observations and starry sky photography comfortably with your child without having to worry about sudden and rainy weather?


This time, I am proud that the method proposed by ilinx is quite the best.

So please read on.


I’m sure you’ll want to go out together on your next trip to Japan.



1: Necessary conditions for astronomical observation


Necessary conditions are required for astronomical observation and starry sky photography.

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(1) Low light pollution

We write “harm of light” and read “kogai”.

This expresses “a strong light and many things” like a letter.


For example,

  • There is a factory zone nearby
  • Shopping mall nearby
  • Some cities never sleep 24 hours
  • There is a lighthouse
  • Car headlights are frequent
  • Near the highway
  • Near the airfield
  • Day when moonlight is strong


In such a case, if you are affected by light, you will not be able to see the starry sky.

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 (2) Low humidity

Humidity in the air also has an effect.

When the humidity rises, dust and the like flutter along with the air, and light is diffusely reflected, making it difficult to see the starry sky.

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Therefore, for astronomical observation and starry sky photography,

  • Light-pollution areas
  • A place with low humidity and clear air


The place that satisfies these two conditions is optimal.




A place that meets these two conditions is basically a place surrounded by nature.

Not in the seaside but in the mountains.


 Most of the clear air from large cities and downtowns is in the mountains, such as campsites and ski slopes.



Therefore, you will be traveling to a place like this with your child, but unfortunately such places rarely have accommodations and toilets.


Even if you have a parking lot, the toilets are not available at night and there are no facilities to take a shower nearby. Of course, there is no convenience store, so it is difficult to moisten your throat with cold drinks.



But please be assured.


There are ways to solve all these “problems”.



The method is an RV/Motorhome rental car that ilinx is doing.


2: Why RV/MotorHome cars are recommended for astronomical observation


No matter what the camper, the car is the inn.

Since your home is moving as it is, the inside of the car is comfortable, and if you can park your car, you can freely create accommodation anywhere.


Even if you go to astronomical observations and starry sky photography at high altitudes.

Even if it is quite a suburb and there is no convenience store or toilet nearby.


If you have a camper, you can warm it with equipment called “FF heaters” even at high altitudes and cold.

If the sudden rain comes, you can escape into the camper and you don’t have to mess around with an umbrella or poncho.


Just bring your camera and telescope to the camper and you can easily load and unload your luggage.


There is a power supply inside the car, so you can charge the battery of your smartphone or computer.



You can arrive early in the observation area and spend time reading or playing card games in your car while waiting for sunset.



And above all, the advantage of renting a camper and doing astronomical observation and starry sky photography with your child is


“My child rides on a camper van where most children have never rided.”


This will be a very good memory and it will be a boast to your friends for your child.


3: Points to note when using a camper for astronomical observation


Now, let’s talk about the points to note when using a camper for astronomical observation.

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(1) car headlights

The headlights are quite bright. Enter the observation site early and park and prepare. Even if you arrive early, you can spend your time slowly.

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(2) Parking space

Do not enter private land.

Also, do not park on the road because it is dangerous.

It is good to look for a parking lot near the observation site with your smartphone.

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 (3) no noise

Don’t make noise at night.

It will bother other people around you, as well as those who live near the observation site.

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(4) Bring your garbage home

Take it home with your camper.

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4: How to shoot a starry sky that even beginners can enjoy


Now, let’s talk about how to rent a camper and go to astronomical observation and starry sky photography.


The following items are required for astronomical observation.

  • Telescope
  • Binoculars


Both are good, but you can enjoy the observation with either one.

If you bring your binoculars, make sure you choose something that is easy to see even in dark places.

The following items are required for shooting the starry sky.

  • Camera
  • tripod


Recent cameras have high performance even with compact digital cameras, so you can shoot in the starry sky.


Set the camera on a tripod and turn off image stabilization before shooting.


If you focus on the subject manually and set the shutter speed to about 15 seconds, you should see the starry sky.



The trick in starry sky photography is to slow down the shutter speed and use a tripod to prevent blurring.


If you can clear this place, shooting the starry sky will be very fun.


If the timing is right, a shooting star may be accidentally reflected.

Try shooting various directions until midnight.


(You can find information such as shooting stars by searching on Google!)


5:  Summary

Why don’t you experience astronomical observation and starry sky shooting with your child?


You will be able to experience a new world that is not visible from your daily life.


The imagination to think of the stars is not something that can be cultivated by playing games in the house.


I think it’s something that can be cultivated and acquired only when you actually go outside, see with your own eyes, and experience.


Rent a camper and go out with your child during the summer and winter vacations this year.