What is a place where camper beginners can stay at ease in Japan? Road station? RV Park?



I think everyone is worried about:


“I don’t know where to stay in a camper van in Japan.”


The camper is a living space, so if you don’t care about the law, you can stay anywhere.


However, the right way to use camper cars is to keep the manners of society and have fun.


So, this time, I would like to introduce “Where should I stay?”

1: where you should not stay in a camper


First, let me tell you what you should not stay in a camper.


Campers have the performance and functionality to stay anywhere, anywhere, and anytime.


It is just a “moving house”, but it is a violation of manners to do it as it is.



Please follow the proper manners of society in Japan so that you and the people around you can have a good time together.


Now, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t stay in a camper.

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・ Convenience store parking lot

Some convenience stores in the suburbs have extremely large parking spaces.

In such places, heavy trucks may already be in a nap, so let’s see how they are used.


However, don’t stay in a general convenience store parking lot.

Idling is noisy, and the convenience store parking is not a place to stay, so if it’s bad you might be contacted by the police.


If you are a convenience store with a large suburban parking lot that also serves as a truck station, you may be able to use it if you check with the clerk, but basically remember that convenience stores are not where you can stay.

・ Parking lots in malls and supermarkets

This is out of the question.

No matter how much you pay for parking, the usage is different.


It’s good to have a camper to buy dinner, but not to stay there.

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・ Coin parking

This is the same.

At night, neighbors call police when idling, generator sounds, or human voice


This will ruin your enjoyable trip, so don’t bother to introduce any trouble.

・ Squares such as quarries in the mountains

As you enter the mountains, there are quarries and agricultural space.

It is NG to stay in a camper van using such a place.


Often, such spaces are private or regional.


It is the same as entering another person’s house without permission and staying by car.

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・River Side 

Some are OK.

But such places are campsites.


So don’t stay in a camper around riverbeds and ponds that aren’t camping grounds.


When an accident occurs in a river or pond, there is no help for it.

In the case of a riverbed, an accident may occur when water discharge starts from the upstream.


If you really want to stay on a riverbed that is not a campsite, consult the police station in charge of the riverbed and report it.

Don’t stay on your own.

・ Road station

Although it is a very gray zone, it is OK to take a nap at a roadside station.

But staying is generally NG.


But some people are staying.


If you really want to stay, be sure to follow the manners we will talk about next.



2: A place where you can sleep with peace of mind, a place where you can take a nap


 Just because it’s a camper, it doesn’t mean you can stay anywhere.


There is more freedom to stay than to book a hotel or guest house, but considering safety, comfort and social manners, the following three places are recommended for beginners.


2.1: Auto Camping site

The best recommendation is the auto campsite.


It is designed for camping by car, so it is easy to use.


You can cook outside the car and barbecue is OK.

You can also make a bonfire (open fire is NG), so you will feel better.


In addition, there is abundant nature such as lakes, rivers and forests near the auto campsite, so it is worth using it alone.


Auto campsites also have facilities for drawing AC power and water, so even beginner campers can use it safely.


2.2: RV Park

This is a parking facility where the camping car can be stayed comfortably, which is being promoted by the Japan RV Association.


There are AC power, toilet and water facilities, so you can use them conveniently.


It is also possible to take out the side awning of the camper van and spread the table and chairs outside the car to enjoy a meal. (Cooking is not allowed.)


There are many dining facilities, hot springs, and roadside stations near the RV Park, so you can enjoy camping and traveling without any inconvenience even for the first time.


2.3: Road Side Station

Roadside station is not a place to stay.

It’s OK until you take a nap.


But looking at the reality, there are people who are staying in camper cars.

There are people who are staying in cars with ordinary cars.


Therefore, when using the roadside station, follow the following manners and consider using the surrounding area.

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・ No garbage

The trash at the roadside station is for those purchased at the roadside station.

Do not throw away garbage brought in the camper van.

・ Do not place side awnings, tables or chairs

Not a campsite.

Not an RV park.


Roadside station is a place to “rest”, so don’t put out side awning or line up tables and chairs.


It is also NG to use a generator.


Don’t do anything that would bother others.


This is manners.



3: Summary

We have introduced the “places to stay” where beginners of camper cars are worried.


Enjoy your camper van trip where you can stay and where you don’t.


Also, if you have small children, there is a car where you can stay in the camper van.


Jumping out of the shade or running suddenly can lead to traffic accidents.


Always be careful of car accidents as this will ruin your camper trip.