6 sightseeing spots in Japan, where is possible to go by RV/MotorHome!


If you go to camp, you want to jump into an extraordinary environment.

That is by far the most fun, and if you forget your daily life, you can relax both physically and mentally.


For that reason, it’s best to visit a scenic spot in Japan with a camper van.


Breathtaking views.

Extraordinary environment.


By all means, take a long rest with your family and try to eliminate the daily fatigue and frustration.


1: A place everyone wants to visit once


When you hear it as a superb view spot, it reminds you of a spot called “once before you die …” that has been talked about on SNS.


However, the scenic spots are not limited to overseas.


There are breathtaking views in Japan.

And there are four seasons in Japan, so the scenery created by nature should be richer than overseas.


There is a reason not to visit the superb view, even though you want to leave your body to such a superb view.


The reason is that many superb views have inconvenient traffic.

 It is a little impossible from the station to go by train.

It’s a bit far from going by bus.


No, more than once a day, like a bus every day or a special bus in the northern part of Kyoto.



In order to get to a place that can be called a superb view, there are no means of transportation, no accommodation when arriving, no toilets, etc.



So, you can move close to the scenic spots, stay at home without lodging, and worry about toilets

“RV, Motorhome, Camper”


I would like you to think of a superb view spot & camp using.


2: Benefits of a camper


By using a camper, you can easily move to places that are a little difficult to reach.


If you can pass a slightly larger car, you can pass without problems.


There is also a bedroom, so you can stay wherever you like.


There is also a toilet in the car, so you don’t have to rush to find it.


Another advantage is that you can change clothes in the car at any time, so your privacy is protected.


And the biggest advantage is that you can move with your family.

You can feel safe even if you have a small child, and you don’t have to worry about your surroundings if you suddenly start crying.

In addition, dogs and cats who are like family can go to see the superb view together.

It’s okay if you start crying suddenly, and the memories of your trip with your pet can’t be changed.


By using a camper van, your entire family will enjoy the spectacular views, and it will definitely be a topic that can be shared five to ten years from now.


3: Japanese scenic spots & campsites


A superb view created by nature that cannot be experienced in hotels and guesthouses.


A starry sky full of sky shining in the night sky, not to mention the scenery.

Morning mist boiling on a cold morning.

Autumn leaves expressing the changing season.


I want you to enjoy the spectacle that can be enjoyed because you are in nature in a camper van with superb views.


Next, I will introduce the superb view spots and campsites that you can enjoy in Japan.


3.1: Hokkaido

(1) Cape Kogane

It is a superb view about an hour from the Otaru IC on the Sapporo Expressway.

The heart-shaped island towering on the open sea is worthy of being called a superb view created by nature.

Visit Kogane-misaki in the daytime and enjoy an auto camp at Asahi Hill Campsite at night.

There is ample space for camper vans, so you can enjoy the bonfire and look at the starry sky.

(2) Todowara

Desolate scenery.

A superb view called “the end of this world” is “Todowara” in Notsuke Peninsula.

You can see the dead landscape of Abies sachalinensis due to seawater erosion.

Due to erosion, the number of dead trees has decreased due to weathering.

Please enjoy the valuable scenery that you do not know how long you will see.

The destination for the camp from Todowara is “Betsukai-cho Fureai Campsite”.

This is a place that is full of grass and green.

There is also a power supply that can be used to charge a spare battery, which is nice for campers.

Camping equipment can also be rented, so you can easily enjoy the view with a camper van.

After that, you can also enjoy camping by rental, casual action.


3.2: Tohoku

(1) Kitayamazaki (Iwate Prefecture)

Kitayamazaki is a superb view called the “Alps of the Sea”.

The 200m high cliff is worth a sigh just to see.

There are also sightseeing boats so you can see the dynamic cliffs from the sea side.

And in the campsite, “Fureland Iwaizumi” is easy to use.

The auto camp site is also equipped with an AC power supply, and the partitioned space is a place where you can enjoy nature with peace of mind.


(2) Big pot (Miyagi prefecture)
Karakuwa Peninsula east of Kesennuma Bay.
The majestic coastal beauty of the strangely shaped rocks located on the east coast is a superb view created by nature.
The 16m high marble towering from the sea is a must-see.
After enjoying the magnificent view of the huge pot, head to Kyukamura Kesennuma Oshima Campsite, where you can see the Pacific Ocean.
There is also an auto camp site here, so it’s nice to have AC power and water facilities.
Auto camping beginners can use it with confidence, so it is recommended for those who are going out for the first time.


3.3: Hokuriku

(1) Noto Kongo Kiguiwa (Ishikawa Prefecture)

A couple rock similar to the Futami rock of Ise, also known as Futami Noto.

The two rocks, 16m and 12m tall, are named after their appearance as weaving tools.

A spot where the sunset glows best because it is Futamiiwa standing west.

A campsite where families can enjoy is Heartland Hills in Noto Iori.

After watching the sunset at Noto Kongo Kigakuiwa, head east to Nanao City.

The campsite offers a panoramic view of Toyama Bay, the Tateyama Mountain Range on the right, and a luxurious view of Noto Peninsula and nature on the left.

There is also an AC power supply and a dog run space, so you can enjoy nature together with your dog first in the clear air in the morning.


 (2) Shiroyama Castle Tower Observatory (Gifu Prefecture)

The northern part of Gifu prefecture.

Hagi-machi village in Shirakawa-go where houses of Gassho style houses gather.

The Shiroyama Castle Tower Observation Deck overlooks this village.

A quiet setting in a landscape like a painting.

Since the expression changes with the four seasons, there is no doubt that the scenery is superb regardless of the season.

The Hakusan mountain range seen in front is also magnificent and superb.

After enjoying the superb view of Shirakawa-go, take the Tokai Hokuriku Expressway to Takasu IC.

There is “N.A.O. Akeno Kogen Campground” about 10 minutes by car from there.

This campsite also has AC power and has a fenced site where you can stay with pets, so you can feel safe with your dog.

There is also a cottage surrounded by forests, so a quiet environment away from everyday life will provide luxurious time.


4: Summary

Campers can easily visit scenic spots that are difficult to reach by train or bus.


In addition, camping cars can easily eliminate the dissatisfaction that there are few facilities such as inns as a feature of superb view spots.




Change clothes.



The image of the house moving as it is, so you can go anywhere.


Please visit a scenic spot with your family and share your memories.


 Then, to share memories, rent a camper once and try the actual experience.

When thinking about renting a camper, you don’t know which car is right for you and which one is right for your trip.


Therefore, I-Links, which specializes in camper car rental, introduces the types of camper cars and how to select them.


Please help us to create your memories.