Japanese RV/MotorHome have many cab conversions!


I was longing for RV/MotorHome since I was a child!

I want to enjoy the outdoors that I was interested in before!

Suddenly my husband started camping! ?

I want to have fun outdoors but I’m not good at insects!


Are you looking for RV/MotorHome rental for this reason? (Is this wrong?)


A camper has a great visual impact, but owning it has a big impact on parking and maintenance costs.


So it is best to rent RV/MotorHome in Japan!

So this time, speaking of RV/MotorHome, this is it!


「cab conversions (cabcon)」


We will introduce how to select “cabcon” and use it happily.



1: Cabcon if you don’t use a tent!

A cabcon is officially a “cab conversion”.

Yes, I don’t understand. So, I ’m cool and honest.


“A car with a living space on a truck bed”


What do you think?

At first glance, cabcons, synonymous with camper vans, are based on heavy-duty trucks used in agriculture, on-site and in delivery.

 Recently, besides trucks, there are some that use Hiace, but if you are riding a camper, you probably want to choose a characteristic shape that everyone can see from the outside.


■ Good point of cabcon

[keikou] (1) “Bunk bed” with increased tension [/ keikou]

There is a bed above the driver’s seat.

This is like a secret base.

So, your child will be overjoyed!

By the way, the tension rises for adults as well.


Extraordinary sleeping space will be an impactful memory.


 [keikou] (2) Flat bed [/ keikou]

Perhaps the “bank bed” will be occupied by the child, so adults will use a flat bed that is permanently located at the rear.


This bed is comfortable for adults, so you can sleep comfortably with your legs extended.



So, cabcons can enjoy the outdoors without using a tent.

Insect damage is also small.

Worry about theft is greatly reduced.

You won’t get up at night.

Sudden rain is also scattered.

Because you don’t need a sleeping bag, you don’t have to turn it upside down and dry it first.

It is not hot even in the summer outdoors (it has a cooler).

It is not cold even in the winter outdoors (equipped with heater).


And since the restroom in the night is OK in the car if there is toilet (or portable topilet), I’m glad that it’s not scary.


 [keikou] (3) Comfortable office space [/ keikou]

It has better heat insulation and soundproofing than ordinary passenger cars.

Therefore, you can relax in a warm and quiet environment even in the winter outdoors.

This is an important point when staying in a car.


[keikou] (4) Lots of storage space [/ keikou]

Outdoor goods are bulky.

And if you stay for a long time, changing clothes is bulky.


If you fish during the day, you will have more tools.

There will also be play equipment for your child.


The good thing about cabcons is that these “things” can be loaded easily.


[keikou] (5) There is a place for families to enjoy [/ keikou]

There are face-to-face seats.

There is also a table, so you can enjoy a fun board game while traveling by car.


When you are using a camper, you want to turn off games and smartphones and enjoy extraordinary activities with your family.


[keikou] (6) OK with a normal license! [/ keikou]

This is important.

We don’t need a truck license.


There is no problem with AT license of ordinary license.

The current cabcon is automatic.

■ Places to be careful about with cabcon

[keikou] (1) Longer than ordinary cars [/ keikou]

If you are used to a large number 3 car, you may not be bothered by the inner ring gap.

If you usually drive a compact car, the cabcon is truck-based, so the overall length is slightly longer. Therefore, when turning, be careful that the rear of the body does not hit the corner of the corner.


[keikou] (2) High vehicle height [/ keikou]

The most different thing from a normal car is the vehicle height.

Living space (small room) is on the loading platform, so you will be taller.


One thing to keep in mind is that the car height is high.

 I don’t think you can enter a multi-story parking lot when you go out with a rental car, but I want to be careful.

In addition, the indoor parking lot of the mall has a height limit, so if you go into it forcibly, the roof will scream and it will be serious. Be careful.


“Elevated roads” are often encountered on three-digit national, prefectural and prefectural roads.

There is a height limit sign in front of the overpass, so I want to be careful.

By the way, the height of the car is clearly written on the eyelinks camper van from the driver’s seat. When the height restriction sign comes out, you can judge whether it is OK or not so you can use it with confidence.


[keikou] (3) Needs tips for driving [/ keikou]

Since it is not a passenger car but a truck, it is not easy to turn.

It is safe to stay on narrow roads and winding places.


In addition, fuel efficiency is not very good because the body is large and there is a heavy room on the cargo bed.

By keeping fuel-efficient driving safe, you can make your trip economically friendly.


2: Conveniently rent a camper van

(1) Child seat

If you have a small child, don’t forget to prepare a child seat.

In addition, when renting, it is safe to check that the child seat that is normally used can be attached to the camper seat.


(2) Drying prevention

Turn on the heater or air conditioner to dry the air.

Some people may feel dry skin, and others may feel a little painful when they wake up.


Let’s think about measures to prevent drying, such as sleeping with a wet towel.


 (3) Carabiner

If you have a few small carabiner, you can hang small luggage.


Whenever a car leans on a curve, small luggage moves.

It is recommended that you do not drop easily so that you do not have to worry about injury.


3: Points to check when renting



The comfort will change without the equipment and equipment introduced here.

Make sure to check when renting.


(1) curtain

If you turn on the lights inside the car without the curtains on the windows, you will be able to see it from the outside.

This is a problem.


If you don’t have a curtain, make sure you have a replacement.

If you have no alternative, bring a towel and stick it to the window to make it a blindfold.


(2) Refrigerator

It is nice equipment.

There is also a reason to bring cold drinks, but you can also store souvenirs you bought on your travels, which makes it more fun to buy fish and vegetables.


(3) Side awning

It is troublesome to tarp in awnings.

If the car has a side awning, simply pull it out and it’s OK and easy.


 (4) Toilet

I want this.

If you have a small child, you can suddenly say “toilet!” Let’s check.


(5) FF heater

A heater that can be used without idling.

Required in winter.


(6) Air conditioner

If you want to enjoy the summer comfortably, you need an air conditioner.

Air conditioning is essential if you are traveling with your pet in the summer.

Many pets cannot withstand too hot environments.


4: Points to note when running cabcon

Cabcon said the room was on the truck bed.

for that reason,


  • Heavy vehicle weight
  • High vehicle height
  • Vehicle width


So, speeding up too fast is dangerous.

Unlike your usual car, you cannot stop at the same distance.

Because of the weight of the vehicle, the braking distance will be longer.


In addition, the high vehicle height increases the possibility of hitting a crosswind on a highway.

Hold the steering wheel firmly and drive so as not to overspeed.


5: Summary

The biggest point of choosing a cabcon when renting a camper is to enjoy sleeping in a bunk bed.


Spaces that cannot be found in everyday life will be memories of a lifetime with your family.

If you want to make the memories of your family comfortable while enjoying the outdoors with plenty of time, we would like you to rent a cabcon.


At ilinx, you can also see the actual vehicle before it is rented. You can also sit down in the driver’s seat and check your feelings.


I hope ilinx can help you create memories for your family.