Things to know if you want to rent a RV/Motorhome in Japan


When thinking about renting a RV/Motorhome in Japan, you don’t know which car is right for you and which one is right for your trip.


Therefore, ilinx, which specializes in camper car rental, introduces the types of camper cars and how to select them.


Please help us to create your memories.




1: What is a camper, RV, Motorhome

First, let’s talk about what a camper is.


Unlike a typical passenger car, a camper is a car that has facilities to sleep in the car.


Legally called “special purpose vehicle”, the license plate starts with “8” “8 number”.


There are “flat seats” where one-third of the passengers can sleep, cooking facilities, etc., and those that meet certain standards are “campers”.


By changing the structure of the car, in addition to facilities for sleeping and cooking facilities, a refrigerator, air conditioning, a counter and toilet where you can eat a little, and a place to change clothes are built in.


2: Type of RV/Motorhome


There are five types of camper cars.


Let’s look at each one of the following.

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(1) Bancon

Toyota Hiace and Lite Ace.

A camping car called “Bancon” is a car with a modified structure based on a car called “Van” or “Wagon” such as Nissan NV350.


When viewed from the outside, Bancon looks like an “ordinary van” or “ordinary wagon”


“Oh, it’s a camper!”


The feature is that it is difficult to understand.

Rather than focusing on the exterior, it can be said that the car is focused on the interior, which is a living space, while keeping the size of the car in accordance with the narrow Japanese land and road conditions.


There are not many cases where you can see “Bancon” when renting a camper, but some people who are immersed in renting a camper and having fun are purchasing “Bancon” considering the Japanese parking lot and road conditions It seems that.

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(2) Cabcon (Cab conversion)

The most memorable camping car you’ll ever see in Japan is Cab Cab.


Apart from the driver’s cab, the walls, ceiling, floor, furniture and interior are all made exclusively for camper cars, so the feeling of relaxation in the living space is different from Bancon.

Of course there are bedrooms and kitchens, some have refrigerators and toilets, showers and home air conditioning.


Besides, the storage space in the car.

A storage space outside the car where you can store dirty items.


Some coats have a closet that is less likely to wrinkle.


The cabcon equipment reflects the personality and originality of the “builder” who built the camper, so even if the appearance is the same, the interior and equipment may differ slightly.


ilinx also offers “cabcons” as rental cars, so if you are a beginner camper, please see and touch it once.


The tour is always free, so if you make a reservation in advance, we will provide you with a car you want to see, touch, sit in the driver’s seat, or lie down in bed.


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(3) Bus CON

Although it is not seen in rentals, it is “Buscon” sold by a camper builder.


As the name suggests, a camper using a microbus as a base.


  • Nissan Civilian
  • Toyota Coaster


The interior of the microbus running around the city, such as a restaurant or school, has been remodeled to make the living space comfortable.


The living space is overwhelmingly large because the base is a microbus.

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(4) Travel trailer

It is a camper that cannot run by itself.

It can be moved by being towed by a car or truck.


It is the same way to carry a jet ski or motorcycle by towing.


With a rental car, you almost never see it.


Rather, after renting a camper, the one that says “I want it!” Is the car of choice when purchasing.


Technology called traction.

Parking problems when not in use.


If these two can be cleared, it is a relatively inexpensive camper with a comfortable living space.


If you rent a camper van at iLinks and think “OK! Let’s buy it”, please include it as an option.

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(5) Light camper

Small Camping cars are popular among camping cars.


Since the interior is often remodeled based on a mini car, it is one of the most popular things to be able to drive the car with the “light car” being OK.


The living space is limited because it is a “light car”, but it is enough for two adults to travel.


We also offer “Light Camper” (abbreviated to “Light Camp”).


It is popular among couples who can go on a trip, such as visiting the 88 locations in Shikoku and visiting the West.


It is easy to handle because it is a light car and you can enter anywhere, so it is a car that you want to use as a tool to enjoy traveling casually.

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 (6) Other

In addition to these, there are motorhome-class camper vans based on ordinary passenger cars and imported camper vans.


You will rarely see a rental car, but if you want to experience a camping car with a rental car and consider purchasing it, please refer to it.



3: Choose a RV/Motorhome for your application!


 Therefore, the advice of I-Links, which specializes in camper rental,


If you are planning to stay with 3 or more family members, we recommend “cabcon”.


If a senior couple can travel on their own, we recommend Light Can, which is easy to handle and allows you to enter anywhere smoothly.


If the destination is fixed and the way of playing is fixed, you can’t choose it without knowing which car to choose from.


In such a case, please do not hesitate to contact iLinks.


It’s OK from email or phone.


We will carefully listen to your “what you want to enjoy” and give you full of passion.


4: Summary

Did you know about the type of camper?


You don’t need to know everything.


It is OK if you have memorize the two of “cabcon” and “light can”.


The rest is the perfect way to experience your journey with a rental car and remember when you consider a purchase.


Then, please use a camper for making memories that will never fade.