Cool in the summer with a camper in Japan! How to stay comfortable at the campsite against the heat


I think many people want to go camping in summer.


 In that case, it is good to go camping with a normal car, and it is also recommended to rent a camper with more luggage and without a cumbersome tent.


But …


Regardless of whether you go by car or camper, it is difficult to deal with summer heat.


During the day, we do barbecue, river play and hiking, so you may not feel the heat so much, but when you go to bed,


“It’s hot and I can’t sleep …”


It could be happen.


Especially for beginners in camping and beginners in the car stay.

If you have never used a camper, you may be prepared to sleep without knowing it, and you may regret not being able to sleep until morning.


Therefore, this time, I-linx, a camping car rental specialist, introduces heat measures that can be used on summer nights while staying in a car.


1: get the blessings of nature


As everyone should know, you shouldn’t stay in the hot summer months of Japan in areas surrounded by asphalt.


But the most comfortable place in summer is in the middle of nature surrounded by greenery.


The plants absorb water from the deep underground roots.

Then, the absorbed water evaporates from the widely spread leaves, at which time it has the property of taking away the surrounding heat.


As a result of the natural activities of these plants, the temperature drops, so if you choose a green place for accommodation, you will have a comfortable place even in summer.


Also, you may have heard that plants emit negative ions.

If this is true, you’ll be able to relax while sleeping, and when you wake up in the morning, you’ll feel calm and refreshed.


2: More comfortable near the water


It is even more comfortable in nature, especially if you choose a location that is close to water.


In places close to rivers, seas, and ponds, the heat of the air is cooled by the power of water and wind to cool it.


The closer you get to a mountain stream where you can fish for trout, the cooler the air and the wind, and you will feel cool even in summer.


However, there are some things to keep in mind when staying at the waterside.

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・ Keep away from the water at night

It is hard to see your feet, so getting caught in your feet can lead to an accident.

Let’s just feel cool.

If you have children, do not walk outside alone.

・ Be careful with sound

The waterside is cool, but some people worry about the flow of water.

If you’re used to living in the countryside, you won’t be bothered much, but it may sound like you hear it in urban areas.

Hearing the sound of water all night can be fun if you’re used to it, but if you’re not familiar you will have difficulty sleeping if you hear it.

・ Remember insect control

Because we are in nature, we can’t eliminate encounters with insects.

However, places near the water are more likely to encounter insects than flat campsites.


Creatures need water.

Insects are needed as well.


So the insects come to a place with water.




3: Higher altitude cools


Heading to higher altitudes is also a comfortable way to spend time.

It is generally said that an altitude of 500 meters increases the temperature by 3 degrees Celsius.


That’s why Karuizawa is called a summer resort.


Remember to stay as high as possible.


4:  It is convenient to have a battery-powered fan


Depending on the destination, the altitude is not high, and it is not so surrounded by nature.


In that case, if you prepare a portable battery-powered fan, it will be a little better.


A small fan takes away the heat that clings to the body, so it is easier to sleep with a small fan than without it.


5: Stop the engine early


 One of the things that beginners do without surprisingly noticing is forgetting to turn off the engine.

Stop the car engine as soon as possible.


The car engine gets hot.

An electric car may not get as hot as a traditional car using gasoline or diesel, but in hot summers, any small movements can get hot.


Therefore, it is better to stop the engine and cool down as early as possible, and if possible 1-2 hours, before sleeping.


6: Another ingenuity that does not disturb comfort


 If you are thinking of staying at a roadside station or service area.


It is also recommended to spend a cool place just before going to bed.


  • Indoor break space.
  • One day hot spring break room.


There is also a shower room in some service areas, so it is a good idea to get a refreshment and sleep immediately.


The first thing that interferes with comfort is the “mosquito” that comes with an unpleasant sound to your ears when you are sleeping.


This is really annoying, and I can’t sleep slowly when there is a sound in my ear.


Therefore, it is not a direct heat measure, but let’s take measures against mosquitoes to reduce the heat.


7: what not to do


Actually, staying at a roadside station or service area is NG.


A nap is allowed, but it is NG to use it as a lodging place.


“But there’s a truck and we’re sleeping, and there are many other people who are staying in the car.”


I feel like I can hear you.



So what do you do? Consider whether your actions are not disturbing others.


Don’t think of routes that require you to stay at roadside stations or service areas.


It is best to consider an auto campsite or RV park on the route and plan to enjoy it slowly in nature.

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8: summary

When camping in a camper or in a car in the summer, be sure to consider the heat.


It’s a good idea to stay for the coolest place, and you will be able to fully enjoy nature.


Also, from the point of enjoying extraordinary life, entering the nature can relax your feelings, so please think of a road station and a service area as a place for naps and breaks.


Frequent hydration to prevent dehydration.

If you feel sick even a little, don’t forget to go to the hospital right away.


Heat affects the body and the body.

Make fun summer memories in a cool place.