The best way to enjoy a car trip with a child is in the toilet!


If you plan to travel with a small child for a long time using a car, I think the most worrisome is the toilet measures.


 You can endure as an adult, or you can go to the toilet in advance, but if you are a small child, that is not the case.

Suddenly, he/she said, “Mom, toilet!” Or suddenly started to muzzle even though he was speaking well.

I think that adults also have the experience of wanting to go to the toilet only when the car stops moving due to traffic.

So, if you are planning a long-term car trip or trip with a small child, I think that the content introduced here is a safe way.


1: Restroom situation of car trip


 The toilet is a concern when traveling by car or traveling long distances.


The number of convenience stores has increased recently, but some stores do not rent toilets.


Also, in scenic spots and campsites that can only be reached by car, there may be no toilet in the first place, and the walking distance to the toilet may be long.


 On the other hand, there are service areas and parking areas for expressways that are considered to run in cars, so you can use the toilet there, but there is nothing you can do when you get caught in traffic.


Strangely, not only small children but also adults get trapped in traffic and somehow feel like going to the bathroom.

At first, even if it’s “careful”, in a car that doesn’t move due to traffic, it seems that “I want to go to the toilet” gradually when time passes.


Since this is an adult situation, there is no doubt that if you are a small child, the voice of “Mom, toilet!”

Like this, in Japan

  • convenience store
  • service area
  • Parking area
  • Road Station

You can rent a toilet.

However, if you go to the suburbs or get involved in traffic, the toilet will be out of your reach, the inside of the car will be filled with your child’s “toilet call”, and the mom will pray that “Pls be patient and toilet might be soon” I think that you are going to spend time with my head full of toilets.


2: Anytime safe travel


 This situation is often the case when people move, such as a large holiday, but there is a safe way to travel a car even in the event of an emergency toilet situation.


that is,,,


“Rent a camper and travel”


That is the method.


The camper has a living space.


  • Bed
  • Sofa
  • sink




  • toilet


Even when other cars are unable to move due to traffic jams and urgent urgency for toilets in the car is imminent, a camper can safely use the toilets in the car.



 You don’t need to use GPS to find a convenience store in traffic.


There is no need for the father to drive while worrying about the mother getting irritated, “Isn’t the restroom still?”


Campers have the image of “outdoor camping,” but they can also be used to make long-distance car trips more comfortable than camping.


3: If you are worried, respond by route


 “But, even so, there is a little resistance to toilets in the car …”


Some people may think that.


In such a case, why not consider a route that can secure a toilet in advance?

Basically, from the current road situation in Japan,


  • Road Station
  • convenience store
  • Large shopping mall


In such a place, you can use the toilet.


Road stations in particular have ample parking space and are often open 24 hours a day, so you can always use the toilet.


In the case of a convenience store, you can rent a toilet.


Large shopping malls can be a problem as a last resort because of business hours, parking space and traffic congestion.



Considering the road and toilet situation, if you do not want to use the toilet in the car, it is best to plan a route to the roadside station.


As long as you don’t go out to the suburbs, there are convenience stores and gas stations between the roadside stations, so you can use them as emergency toilets.


Therefore, if you are traveling with a small child on a car, it is best to plan a route that connects Roadside Stations.


4:Restroom at night is safe


Toilet provided in the camper van.


It’s great when you’re on the move, but it’s most appreciated when you want to go to the bathroom on a night in the car at a campsite or roadside station.


Especially when it is raining from night, it is helpful if there is a toilet in the car.


In the dark of the night, you head for the toilet at the roadside station with an umbrella.

You head to the campsite toilet where your feet are dark and the shoes are covered with rain.


And when you come back to the car, wipe myself wet with the rain …


While waking up, You wake up and cannot sleep.



You will not have such feelings and can continue your comfortable car trip.


5: Summary

Toilet measures for car travel.


This is especially acute if you have small children.


So, as I introduced this time, I would like to rent a camper van and have a car trip.


If you are a camper, sudden toilets are safe.

Even if you get caught in traffic,


It’s okay if you want to go to the bathroom at midnight.


Hopefully you will have the option of renting a camper and traveling comfortably when traveling with a small child on a car or traveling a long distance.