Pick up the RV/Motor home when you just arrive in Kansai &Osaka Airport and Kyoto station!

  • Delivery services are available and you can pick up in Kansai Airport, Osaka airport and Kyoto station!
  • Make your own trip as soon as you arrive in Japan!
[btn]Easy Access from Kyoto Station[/btn]

Several attractive sightseen places from Kyoto!

  • From Kyoto to everywhere as you wish!
  • RV/Motor Homes are free to use in places that are difficult to reach by public transportation or in local cities where hotels are limited.
[btn]Several attractive sightseen places from Kyoto[/btn]


A RV / Motor Home is a moving time capsule


Nice scenery of each season
Even the rainy weather remembers
With who?
Family, friend, lover
A trip with a pet of desire
As long as the road continues
“There” that arrived today is also the destination
When x with who x where
The form of memories is endless! !
Anytime, with anyone, anywhere!
A camper is a moving time capsule that supports the creation of your best memories!

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Advantage of ilinx

  1.  Easy Access from Kyoto Station!
  2.  Several attractive sightseen places from Kyoto!
  3.  Pocket Wifi integrated with Tablet PC which has several useful application from Japan!
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[tob2 backimg=”https://ilinx-kyoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/silhouette-1082129_1920.jpg” height=”200″][/tob2]


It is a new concept of a camper car created by the ilinx consisting of mobile (move) + buddy (friend).

It is a buddy who can be used besides camping and outdoor according to your application!

We look forward to hearing about your use.

ilinx also offers car models that allow you to enjoy your “Pet with a Trip”.

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