1, Easy Access from Kyoto Station

Transportation service

  • You can pick up or Drop off when you arrive in Kansai International Airport (KIX), Osaka International Airport (ITM) and Kyoto Station.
  • If you have other request places, pls feel free to let us know, and we will consider if we can or not.
[btn]Discount & Service[/btn] [colwrap][col2]
Car (TAXI) = 12min / 4.7km[/col2][col2]
Train with Kintetsu Line or Metro Karasuma Line = 6min train to Takeda Station + 13min Walk from Takeda Station.[/col2][/colwrap]

2, Several attractive sightseen places from Kyoto

South of Kyoto

[colwrap][col2]Nara park with wild Dear and sitting Buddha = 55min / 44km[/col2][col2]Koya san = 2h10min / 125km[/col2][/colwrap]


[colwrap][col2]Adventure World = 3h20min / 214km[/col2][col2][/col2][/colwrap]

North of Kyoto

[colwrap][col2]Kenrokuen (Kanagawa) = 3h20min / 262km[/col2][col2]Shirakawago (Gashou Tsukuri) = 3h30min / 275km[/col2][/colwrap]


East of Kyoto

[colwrap][col2]Ise Shrine = 2h / 150km[/col2][col2]Nachi falls, Kumano Kodo = 3h40min / 253km[/col2][/colwrap]


(West of Kyoto)

[colwrap][col2]Awaji Iland = 1h30min / 100km[/col2][col2]Tokushima (Shikoku) = 2h25min / 187km[/col2][/colwrap]


3, Pocket Wifi integrated with Tablet PC which has several useful application from Japan!

– You can connect with your Mobile and PC with Pocket Wifi which is integrated in Camper.
– Also, Tablet PC is integrated together with several useful application, such as
= Navitime (Special Navi for Camper, so not explain narrow road and low height one.
= User Manual with Movie (Youtube)
= Japan Traffic rules
= Recommend sightseen places
= Translation (Google)
= Road side station map where you can find the Car stay places. (Free of Charge)
= Car Stay (application) which you can find the places from registered users. (Not Free of Charge, but nice places)
= Genchi (application) which you can connect with your family easily with good resolution, so possible to pretend to travel together!
*depends on Wifi connection.
= memo function to check the detail.