Easier overnight trips in Japan! Places and facilities you can enjoy with confidence!


When you want to go out with a camper or a general vehicle for the first time in Japan, I think the place and facilities where you stay overnight in the car are a little courageous and worrying.


Is it okay to stop at the road station?

Where is campground OK?


Of course, the convenience store parking is NG, right?


In the beginning, you will need courage, and there will be many anxieties and worries.

Therefore, we will introduce places and facilities where you can stay overnight in the car comfortably and safely even if you are a beginner.



1:  RV Park


The first thing you’re worried about is whether you’re OK with your car parked.

 We assume also worried about sleeping, and thinking about how to handle baths, toilets, and garbage.


If you get used to it, it’s okay, but at the beginning, I want you to focus on having fun and to minimize the anxiety and worry you don’t need.


 Therefore, we recommend a facility called “RV Park”.


 RV Park is a facility intended for overnight stays in the car, and the parking lot is made more spacious than a general place.


Furthermore, even if a camper is equipped with a toilet, there are places where a toilet that can be used 24 hours a day is prepared, as if it satisfies the desire to use a toilet if nearby.


 There are facilities that can supply 100V power, facilities that can dispose of garbage, and facilities that have a hot spring nearby, so you can enjoy overnight stays in the car very comfortably.


There are currently about 100 locations nationwide, and there are facilities that take advantage of nature such as mountains and the sea.


 It can be used from a two-day trip to a long-term trip, so if you are worried about staying in a car, we would like you to debut from RV Park.


2:Why RV Park can be relieved


 Why can “RV Park” be relieved?


The reason is that the promotion of RV Park is an association that is trying to create a comfortable environment for camper car users.


Although it is not yet well-known, “Japan RV Association” is currently promoting RV parks.

The Site of Japan RV Association


In this association, the “camper” whose culture has matured in Europe has been developed in consideration of cultivating a new culture rooted in Japan in accordance with the Japanese culture.


The Japan RV Association also provides information on camper cars and car trips, so if you are interested in staying in a car, check it out.


3: Recommend RV park near Kyoto


 Let’s take a look at RV Park, which can be enjoyed from 2 to 1 night 2 days from i-linx Kyoto.


3.1:  Around Kyoto

(1) RV Park Kyoto South Kamogawa RV Site

This is a 5-minute drive from i-links.

It is close to the city of Kyoto, and you can enjoy traveling to Iga and Nara starting from here.


 Access is possible 24 hours a day.

Water supply, toilets and trash disposal are free.


Space required for reservation with power supply facilities for 4 cars.

There are about 10 reservation-free spaces.


There are also bathing facilities, so we believe the first person can use it with peace of mind.

For details, please refer to “RV Park (http://rv-park.jp/park/93)”.


(2) RV park Romance Pier Tsukigase

This is a facility in a very scenic place called Tsukigase in Nara Prefecture, next to the only village in Kyoto, “Nanyama Castle Village”.


Umebayashi is famous, and the scenery surrounded by mountains makes you forget about the urban fight.

In the nearby Kizu River, there is a canoeing class when going back west from Tsukigase, so you can play in the canoe on the Kizu River during the day and camp at Tsukigase at night. 

And there is no doubt that you can enjoy a night in the car in the tranquility of the mountains.


There is a roadside station in nearby Minamiyamashiro village, so let’s stop on the way to RV Park on National Highway 163 from i-links.

And buying local vegetables will surely make your evening meal more enjoyable.


Garbage disposal is OK, and there is a power supply.

There is also a bathing facility, so I think this is the first time that people who go out with campers can enjoy it with peace of mind.


3.2:  East Kyoto

(1) RV Park Kaminoho Onsen (Hot Spring)

From i-link, take the Meishin Expressway to the east and get off at Ichinomiya and go north to Gifu Prefecture.

Go north along National Route 156, which is quiet and scenic, and from the city of Mino to the mountain by Route 80.

From here, the scenery will change at a stretch and expectations for camping will increase.

The RV park in such a mountain is “Kaminoho Onsen Hoeminoyu”.

From a hill with a good view, you can overlook the nature rich scenery.

The adjacent “Uenoho Onsen (Hotspring) Hohoemi-no-Yu” also has an open-air bath, making it an ideal place to relieve both physical and mental fatigue with negative ions.

There are power and water facilities, and you can also dispose of garbage.

Note that this is not an auto campsite, so barbecues are not possible.

There is a cafeteria nearby, so you can enjoy local food there, take an open-air bath, relax and enjoy overnight in the car while watching the stars shining in the dark night sky.


(2) RV Park Tsu-u

RV park in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture.

If you go so far, it takes just an hour to reach the inner shrine of Ise Shrine.

It takes about 7 minutes on foot to Ise Bay.

A rare covered parking space in RV Park, so you can stay in the car with confidence in the rain.


In terms of location, start from i-links and head south on National Route 24.

Head east on National Route 163, enjoy the road station in Namsanjo Village, and go further east.

Use “Tsuga” on the first night through Iga.

The next day, head north and head for Gifu. Stay overnight at RV Park “Uenoho Onsen Hohoemi no Yu” in the mountains.

On the way back, take the Meishin Expressway from Gifu and get off at Kyoto South to I-links.

In this way, it can also be used as a transit point for car trips.


4: Summary

As you can see, there are facilities and places that you can easily enjoy with confidence even if you are traveling for the first time with a camper.

RV Park is built with a camper in mind, so the roof doesn’t rub and the parking space isn’t narrow.


Even beginners can enjoy overnight stays in the car without feeling stressed, so please enjoy your camper trip with RV Park as your destination for the first few times.

And if you get used to it, we hope that you will enjoy your long trip and make a lot of memories, aiming for your favorite campsite.