First-time users

Q: Can anyone other than the borrower (contractor) drive the car?

A: Yes.
Please present your driver’s license at the time of rental.

Q: Can I use it without a reservation?

A: Yes.
However, you will lend a vehicle at the store on the day.
(We will have some time to prepare the vehicle on that day.)
As a result, the vehicle you want may not be available for other customers.
Also, it may not be possible to prepare for vehicle inspection or maintenance.
We recommend early booking.

Q: Can I smoke in a camper?

A: Sorry.
All our rental cars are non-smoking.
Enjoy smoking outside the car while taking frequent breaks and watching the scenery.

Q: Is it okay to cook in a camper?

A: Sorry.
Fire is strictly prohibited inside the car.
Please enjoy barbecue outdoors and a little rich glamping.

Q: Is it okay to go out with pets?

A: Yes.
We offer pet-friendly vehicles so you can enjoy an enjoyable trip with an important family member.
* The following certificate is required when placing a pet.

  • Canine mixed vaccine (both rabies vaccinations)
  • Cat mixed vaccine

If you do not show either, you will not be able to board.
Make sure you have the certificate on hand.

Q: I have a pet allergy

A: Since pet-friendly vehicles and non-pet-friendly vehicles are completely separated, people with allergies can use them with peace of mind.

Q: Are you concerned about whether the car is clean?

A: When the camper returns at Ilinx, it will be carefully cleaned over every 2 hours.
I’m confident of cleanliness because I’ll clean up to the point where no hair remains.

Q: Please tell me the flow to rent a camper

A: Please see [Rental Application Flow] for details.

Q: Can I use it for purposes other than camping?

A: As a basic promise, as long as there is no damage to the camper itself, you can use it as long as you use it.
As a usage method,

  • As a changing room and rest area for expedition such as youth soccer and youth baseball
  • For your own move, instead of a transport truck
  • For a spring graduation trip
  • Instead of staying in a summer festival
  • Eat slowly at your own pace during the autumn season
  • Can be used for skiing and snowboarding in winter sports

Recently, there are also cases where you can use it as a substitute for the inn of “Ohenro-san”.

Q: I would like to go on a trip with a family with a physical disability. Is there anything small and difficult to use?

A: Depending on your physical condition, in the past, people with physical disabilities or those who are struggling have traveled with campers with their families and enjoyed the scenery that they could not usually see. It was.
We hope you will come to the tour and find a vehicle in a comfortable living space.

Q: What is the business hours for Ilinx?

A: Business hours are from 9:00 to 18:00. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are until 17:00 PM.

Q: What happens if I don't meet the return time due to traffic jams?

A: A separate extension fee will be charged for extension.
However, this is only possible if the next reservation has not been made, so be sure to contact us if you wish to extend the reservation.

Q: Is it possible to lend and return after business hours?

A: (Please refer to [Service / Price] for unattended return service.)
In addition, due to favorable reception, the “Unattended Return Service” can be used for returning after 18:00 on weekdays.
When you are late due to sudden schedule changes or traffic jams, you can continue driving safely without panic.
(Please contact us during business hours if you wish to extend the service.)
As described in the “Unattended Return Service”, our staff will check the vehicle the next day.

Q: Does the unmanned return service know the return time?

A: All vehicles are equipped with a drive recorder so you can see when the engine was turned off.
Even if it is returned after 18:00, the extension time will be known, so we will settle the deposit from the deposit and transfer the balance to your account.
Since it is an unattended return, I think it will cause trouble and inconvenience to the customer.
Therefore, customers who use the unattended return service will be charged half the normal extension fee.
For details on the free return service, see [Services / Charges].


After reservation

Q: Can I charge smartphones, mobile phones, computers, etc.?

A: Since there is an outlet in the company, you can charge it if you have a charger.

Q: Please tell me the equipment provided for the camper

A: Please see [Corporate Cars] for details.

Q: Is there a car navigation system for campers?

A: All cars have a car navigation system.

Q: Is there an ETC in the camper?

A: All cars are equipped with ETC

Q: Can I install a child seat?

A: Both 2-point and 3-point types can be installed on all cars.

Q: I want to go to the snowy mountains. Do you have studless tires?

A: From November to the end of March, we are equipped with studless tires. Enjoy your winter trip with peace of mind.

Q: When renting a camper, what are the things that can be rented together?

A: Although it is an option, shruff (sleeping bag), table set, chair [for 1 person] Chair [for two people], tarp, lantern, child seat, portable toilet,
1 toilet pack, bedding (single), generator / 1 day service


During Rental

Q: Is the toll on the highway a large car?

A: No, it is the same price as a regular car.

Q: When traveling, I am scared because the roof seems to rub under the overpass or tunnel.

A: Look next to the driver ’s seat. The height of the car on board is written.
If you think that the height is dangerous, do not try to enter it forcibly, but stop before checking.

Q: What should I do when I don't know how to use it while traveling?

A: For rental customers, we will provide you with a phone number for 24 hours support. Please contact that number.
I will explain carefully how to use while supporting from the other side of the phone.

Q: What should I do if I have an accident while traveling?

A: If you have an accident, please calm down and contact your partner insurance company.

<Partner insurance company>

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Co., Ltd.

TEL: 0120-256-110

Please explain calmly and in accordance with the instructions of the insurance company.

<Company information>

ilinx Corporation

Regarding accident response, the customer will only contact Sompo japan in consideration of the risk of mistransmission of details.
The insurance company is considering reporting to us.

In case of damage to equipment, bumping into the opponent’s car, or personal injury, it is necessary to call the police (and ambulance) for field verification.
Police number = 110
Ambulance number = 119

<All of our rental cars are insured with optional insurance. >

  1. Interpersonal compensation: unlimited per person
  2. Objective compensation: Unlimited per accident (self-pay 100,000 yen)
  3. Vehicle compensation: Amount per accident (exemption amount of 100,000 yen)
  4. Personal injury insurance: 30 million yen per person
  5. About the special agreement … Road service incidental (conditions conform to insurance company regulations)

* Non-operation charge (NOC) is not covered by insurance.



Q: What are the high season and special season?

A: Please refer to the table here.

High season January 4th-January 31st, March 15th-April 15th, July 1st-August 11th, August 17th-August 31st, December 1st-December 22nd Day
Special season April 29-May 7, August 12-August 16, December 23-January 3
Q: What can I do for premium members?

A: Customers who have used our camper more than once, and who have no accidents or violations, can join a premium member for free.

Q: What about vehicle inspection and maintenance?

A: We carry out inspections as required by the Road Transport Vehicle Law and carry out necessary maintenance.

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