If you want to check the latest availability, etc. If you want to know the details of the rental car in more detail, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via [Contact]

If you have any questions, we will contact you after getting your requests.



2.Quotation => Pre-booking => Booking confirmation


Please make a reservation from “Rental quote“.

We will send you a “quote and invoice (PDF)” in a reply email.


Please confirm the contents of the estimate and rental, and if you agree, please contact us by email.

When the e-mail you contact us arrives, your “provisional reservation” is complete.

※If you do not contact us within 7 days after sending the quotation and invoice, we will automatically cancel your request. Please note.
※Only the first customer needs an identification card that can confirm the address in addition to the driver’s license. Please bring on the day.
※Please be assured that personal information received from customers in inquiries, reservations, etc. will not be used for anything other than sending information from us, and will be strictly managed. If you wish, you can return a copy of your license after renting and delete your personal information such as your email address.

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About pets

※People traveling with pets have terms and conditions.
For dogs, only indoor dogs are basically available. Please contact us except for dogs.(Please note that unauthorized rides are subject to liability.)
※Requires a certificate for rabies within 1 year and 5 or more mixed vaccines. In addition, a gauge is required while moving.
※After cleaning with a pet, we will thoroughly clean the room, including disinfection, so customers who are not traveling with a pet can use it with peace of mind.
※However, if you are allergic to pets, please refrain from pets. We do not assume any responsibility.



If you have received and accepted the contact email, please transfer to our designated account within 7 days from the date you received the contact email.

You can choose from the following four payment methods.

  • Credit Card Payment

You will receive a “Payment Procedure Information E-mail” to your e-mail address.

Please complete the procedure according to the payment procedure.

Booking confirmation

“Booking” is completed when payment from the customer is confirmed.

※Pls kindly understand, our company is fully paid in advance.



3.When you visit in our office

When you come to the store, it is necessary to present your current address or a document that can verify your identity.

Please prepare the following points.

  • International Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Credit card for deposit as 100,000JPY
  • If you have pets, Pet vaccination certificate (rabies vaccination, 5 or 8 mixed vaccines) (required only for pets)

Based on the pre-departure use schedule, optional fees, etc., we will prepay the fee and settle the difference from the actual fee at the time of return.
Also, if there is no problem when returning, the deposit will be refunded



4.Before departure

  • The rent a car starts from our office.

There is no pick-up from the nearest station.
However, if you request us to deliver the camping car to Kansai Airport, Osaka Airport and Kyoto station as option, we will deliver it depends on your request.

  • You can leave one car for each rental car.

However, please note that we are not responsible for any car problem.

In addition, please consult in advance when coming by multiple cars.

  • On the day of departure, there is an explanation of the camper.

Please plan to visit us 30 minutes to 1 hour in advance.

  • If there are multiple drivers, a driver’s license for all drivers is required.

Please do not forget to prepare in advance.

  • If you rent for more than a week, there will be more explanations.
  • If more than 1 hour has passed since the promised time and you have not been contacted, you will be automatically canceled on the day.
    And Payment is non-refundable due to cancellation.
  • If we determine that safe operation is not possible due to natural disasters, typhoons, etc., we may ask you to cancel. In that case, the full amount will be returned.

* If the rental car cannot be rented due to an accident or malfunction, the fee will be refunded in full, but no penalty will be incurred, such as a cancellation fee required for your accommodation. (Please refer to the Rental Agreement.)

  • We will create a Rental Agreement. Please be sure to read it.
  • Please check with our staff about checking the car body for scratches, dents, and conditions inside the car.
  • If you wish, we will explain how to handle the equipment.

Example) FF fan heater, refrigerator, water supply / drainage, electric power supply, roof vent, seat deployment order, etc.



5.Return to or office

  • When returning, please return the fuel when it is full.

If it is not full, you will be charged for fuel according to our regulations.

Please note that those who are liquidated in our shop will be expensive because the actual conversion is not accurate.

  • When extending the contract time, be sure to contact our shop in advance.

If it is extended without prior notice, a penalty specified by our company will be incurred. Please be careful.

  • If traffic jams are expected, please leave early and be punctual.

Please contact us in advance if it will be extended.

(Due to sudden traffic jams in the top season, etc., it may not be possible to extend the day due to other customers’ reservations.

  • If a delay affects the next rental, you will be liable for compensation.
  • Upon return, our staff will check for scratches and dirt inside the car.
  • Please note that you will be liable for any subsequent rentals that cannot be made due to an accident caused by the customer’s negligence or an undelivered delay.
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~About cancellation on the way~

※If you cancel the service, please contact us for approval before returning.

In that case, the basic charge for the unused period will be refunded, but a separate cancellation fee will be charged.

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~About cancellation~

※Please contact us if you wish to cancel or change your reservation.

If you do not contact us in advance even after 1 hour or more of the reservation time or reservation time, it will be “reservation cancellation”.

In addition, even if you cancel your reservation one week in advance, you will be charged the prescribed reservation cancellation fee.

With regard to cancellation fees, we offer a full refund if you make a re-booking within half a year, and a half refund if less than one year.

※Even if this reservation is made, if the vehicle is broken or cannot run due to the use of the previous customer, it may be canceled for safety.

Please check the rental car agreement for details.

High Season January 4th-January 15th, March 20th-April 15th, July 1st-August 11th, August 17th-August 31st, December 1st-December 22nd Day
Special Season April 29-May 7, August 12-August 16, December 23-January 3
Off season High / Special Season
Before 2wk Free 30% of basic charge
Before 1wk 30% of basic charge 50% of basic charge
Before 2 days 50% of basic charge 75% of basic charge
Before 1 day 75% of basic charge 90% of basic charge
On the day 100% of basic charge 100% of basic charge

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