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Thoughts of ilinx

With ilinx

Believe in symbiosis, service, knowing yourself using the other party, ‘link love. Share intellectual things. It’s a name with all these thoughts.


Aiming for the realization of the light that can be seen in the end of the brow

Aiming for the realization of the light that can be seen in the end of the brow

The wave of technological innovation penetrates our lives, and the world feels it natural to enjoy its benefits.

However, on the other hand, there may be important things that will be deceived by the name of innovation.

The “caring heart” and “the compassion heart” which are often left behind in modern production activities

We always keep the spirit in mind without breaking the form of sincerity.

In addition, we will strive to improve our capabilities based on a flexible system that is not bound by the original purpose of productivity.


Through our social activities, we will make every effort to make all stakeholders realize the value of symbiosis again.

Thank you very much for your kind guidance and continued patronage.


Hello, this is Okamoto ilinx.
Some people call me “camping car sommelier”.
Certainly I love campers.
But I am not always in love.

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I want to travel with my family once I’m discharged!

When I was a kid, I saw campers running on the boulevards of Kyoto.

I remember that I had a feeling of being “cool” and “I want to ride someday” in my child’s mind.

However, I was not a student or a member of society and I was strongly drawn by campers until I was 40 years old.


However, when I was over 40, a major turning point came to me.


The days I suffer from serious injuries and stay in the hospital for a long time and live in bed every day.

When I saw my family, friends, and acquaintances visiting, I felt that I was a happy person, despite being hospitalized.


And one day in such a feeling, I remembered my childhood memories.

“I want to travel with a camper car that I had been yearning for with my family, friends and acquaintances when I was discharged from the hospital.”


But there is no car …

After a miraculous discharge from the hospital, I finally went out on a trip by renting a camper van that was my wish.

When I tried to make a reservation to a camping rental car that was not many at that time, everything is full.

The dates I wanted to travel were always ahead of others, and I felt the inconvenience of not being able to borrow a camper van that should have been free.


I have a lot of reservations and can not borrow.

But I want to go on a journey.


…, let’s buy it yourself.


And I bought one used camping car.

Get out on a trip with my family, friends and acquaintances on a camper, and spend the time you like and have fun talking.


Even if it is not a high-grade food, everything is delicious just by enjoying it in a different place or space. I felt like I was relaxed and I was free of mind and body.


I want to deliver this feeling more

This is a shame that only we enjoy ourselves.

A sense of openness for traveling freely and a view from an extraordinary space.


I want you to know more about the fun of campers.


And finally, I started the rental shop “ilinx”, which specializes in camping cars.


 It will be a memory of life

A campervan trip is a lifetime of memories.

Even if you don’t remember where you went, you will surely remember how many times you traveled on a camping car.

Even if the trip is close to one night, I think the space will be a special event.


There was such a thing when we first started

When I started to rent a camping car specialty, there was a family where their brother was supposed to be alone in Kyushu.

Their brother is going to live in Kyushu, so they seem to be helping out with their family in moving to Kyushu and preparing his room.

However, in our family there were some disabled sisters.


It’s too inconvenient to travel by train.

It is hard because it is narrow in private cars.

There are not many comfortable places, considering the accommodation in Kyushu is also barrier-free.


Therefore we rent a camping car, put all the luggage with the whole family and go to Kyushu.


When we arrived in Kyushu, we cleaned up our brother’s room in the daytime.

At night, we went to bed with a family camper.


When they come to return the camper

“I was able to support my brother with the whole family, clean up the room, and the family bond has become stronger.”

I was told that their sister was inspiring.


We would like to contribute more to the society with a camper

By having you tell such a story, campers can not only play and enjoy but also contribute to society.

Such feelings have risen, and now we talk to customers all over again, and we repeat trial and error to let campers get stuffed with memories and bonds of a lifetime.

And one day, customers would like to take out a trip with a camping car from their memory and clearly remember it, and talk with their family and friends in a fun way, as I take out the memories filled up with the lid of the time capsule.


We hope that we can help you pack your best memories and smiles into your heart’s treasure chest for a lifetime.



Company Profile

Company Name ilinx inc.
CEO Mr. Takahiro Okamoto
Established October 2, 2009
Capital 10 Million JPY
Address 77, Takeda Higashi-Shonouchicho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan, 612-4848
TEL 0120-742-888(075-605-4445)
FAX 075-605-4447
MAIL camp@ilinx-co.jp
Business content ■ Development, sales, installation, construction, management and maintenance of solar power plant system Installation and management of its own solar power plant
■ Products using LED (sales of light emitting parts, construction and construction diodes) and sales of parts and constructions
■ Sales of electrical products, electronic products and their parts, construction work
■ Tasks related to environmental conservation such as energy saving and carbon dioxide reduction
■ General construction related to the installation of drinking water vending machines
■ General construction industry
■ Camper car rental business
Certification Electrician project governor registration No. 260013
Construction business permit Kyoto Prefecture (General-25) No. 39923
Kinki Transport Bureau Kyoto Transport Bureau permission number Kyoto Transport No. 1866


Store photo


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Access map


come by train

It is 1.1km from Kintetsu Kyoto Line Takeda Station to us

Takeda station is just 6min from Kyoto station with Kintetsu or Metro Karasuma Line.

■ About 5 minutes by taxi from Kintetsu Kyoto Line Takeda Station

Taxi route is here

■ It is approximately 14 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Kyoto Line Takeda Station

The route on foot is here


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